Café Continenté


homemade* spaghetti bolognaise beef & tomato sauce £7.60
homemade* spaghetti napolitana tomato sauce £6.55
homemade* spaghetti napolitana & crispy coated chicken escalope £8.65
penne pesto £6.55
homemade* spaghetti carbonara bacon & cream sauce £7.60
homemade* beef lasagne served with salad and fries £7.60

Fresh salads

our salads are made to order and contain a mix of rocket leaves, curly lettuce and lollo rosso, some also have cucumber, red onion and vine tomatoes

nicoise tuna, sauté potatoes, French beans, topped with a poached egg £7.60
chicken and avocado £7.60
chicken Caesar own made caesar dressing; anchovies & croutons free by request £7.60
warm pesto chicken freshly cooked pieces of chicken breast in fresh pesto £7.95
tricolour mozzarella, tomato, avocado & pesto £7.60
Greek salad feta cheese and olives £7.15
strips of crispy chicken breast atop a bed of fresh leaves and drizzled with a sweet chilli dressing. £8.25

Jacket potatoes

jacket potato with 1 filling and large side salad £5.50
extra fillings cheese, baked beans, tuna&mayo, tuna&sweetcorn, bacon, coleslaw, ham, sun dried tomato £1.30 each
jacket potato with chicken breast and mayo £6.55
jacket potato with homemade* bolognaise £7.50
jacket potato with homemade* chilli con carne £7.60


roll an extra 50p, extra filling for 40p all with butter or mayo as described

open sandwich with wholegrain mustard, home cooked ham,tomato and melted cheese on 2 slices of toast £6.10
open sandwich with salami, pesto & melted mozzarella cheese on 2 slices of toasted bread £6.20
club chicken, tomato, lettuce, bacon & mayo toasted £5.55
crispy coated chicken escalope with salad & mayo £5.85
BLT smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato £3.95
smoked salmon, cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber £4.60
hot cheese and mushroom croissant £4.15
hot cheese and ham croissant £4.15
create your own sandwich with 1 filling £3.50
extra fillings feta cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, tuna, tuna mayo, sweetcorn, ham, bacon, chicken breast, egg mayo, pepper salami, sun dried tomato, salad 40p each

Side orders

bowl of fries or boiled rice £3.45
garlic bread £2.90
garlic bread with melted cheese £3.95
bowl of vegetables £3.45
mozzarella, tomato and pesto salad £4.10
small mixed leaf salad with tomato, cucumber and red onion £3.75

Cakes, pastries & desserts

ice cream, pouring cream or custard add 80p

delicious homemade* cakes see display at counter or ask staff £3.45
pot of tea and 2 slices of cake english breakfast tea and your choice of cakes £7.95
home made chocolate brownie chocolate or chocolate & peanut butter £2.15 / £2.45
freshly baked pastries £1.50 each
tiramisu £3.15
deep filled apple lattice pie £3.25
ice cream (4 scoops) choose from vanilla, chocolate or strawberry £3.95

Hot drinks

decaf tea and coffee is available as well as skimmed, almond or soya milk by request but at no extra charge.

English breakfast tea £1.45 / -
pot of English breakfast tea Large pot £4.15
Tea Pigs selections see menu cards on tables or ask our staff £1.85 / -
pot of Tea Pigs tea large pot £5.20
filter coffee with milk £1.65 / £2.05
americano £1.95 / £2.50
espresso or espresso macchiato £1.65 / £2.05
cappuccino £2.40 / £2.80
flat white 2 shot small, 3 shot medium £2.80 / £3.10
café latte £2.60 / £2.90
extras shot of coffee, sweet gingerbread, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, chai or hazelnut syrup 55p each
Bailey's latte £4.15 / £4.80
mocha £2.50 / £2.90
Cadbury's hot chocolate £2.50 / £2.90

Cold drinks

frappe iced café latte £2.50 / £2.90
Bailey's frappe iced latte with a shot of Bailey's £4.65 / £5.20
Bailey's blended Bailey's and ice - blended £4.75
Bailey's on ice £4.75
milkshakes (all made to order with milk & ice cream) real banana & honey, real coffee, strawberry, vanilla, banana & chocolate, chocolate, chocolate malted £4.15
freshly squeezed juice (squeezed to order) orange / carrot / orange & carrot mixed £3.25 / £3.65
large smoothie freshly made, see menu cards on tables or ask our staff £3.65
cans and small bottled waters £1.65
all soft drink bottles and large bottled waters £1.95
Owlet juices natural apple and pear juices from Kent £2.75
Belvoir Fruit Farms lemonades and pressés (see drinks fridge) £2.75
San Pellegrino iced teas peach or lemon £2.75
Red Bull energy drink £1.95

Beer and Wine

cider £3.25
bottled beers £3.25
house dry white wine £4.95 / £18.95
house medium white wine £4.95 / £18.95
house red wine £4.95 / £18.95

Homemade soups

see the light box signs for our delicious homemade* soups, all served with homemade* bread rolls

large £5.20
small £4.55


Served all day! Our free range eggs are available as fried, scrambled or poached. Our toast is thick sliced white or brown (seeded) and buttered with real butter or Vitalite vegan spread on request.

breakfast platter 2 free range eggs, 2 cumberland sausages, 2 rashers of smoked bacon, heinz baked beans, grilled flat mushroom, grilled tomato, a hash brown and 2 slices of buttered toast £10.45
full English breakfast 1 free range egg, 1 cumberland sausage, 2 rashers of smoked bacon, heinz baked beans, grilled flat mushroom, grilled tomato, a hash brown and 2 slices of buttered toast £9.40
the not English breakfast 2 slices of french toast and 2 rashers of crispy bacon drizzled with maple syrup £7.65
vegetarian breakfast 1 free range egg, 2 Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, Heinz baked beans, grilled flat mushroom, grilled tomato, a hash brown and 2 slices of buttered toast (Vitalite vegan spread, on request) £9.65
eggs benedict a toasted english muffin topped with 2 poached free range eggs and covered in home made hollandaise sauce, with either smoked bacon or home cooked ham. £8.45
eggs Royale as above but with smoked salmon instead of ham or bacon £9.30
eggs florentine as above but with fresh steamed spinach instead of ham or bacon £8.95
French toast topped with mascapone cheese,warmed fresh blueberries and drizzled with honey £8.85
create your own breakfast (4 items, or more) cumberland sausage, smoked bacon rasher, free range egg, Heinz baked beans, grilled half tomato, flat mushroom, hash brown, fried bread, 2 slices of buttered toast (Vitalite vegan spread, on request) £1.20 each
premium items vegetarian sausage, Scottish smoked salmon, small portion of fries, black pudding, fresh steamed spinach, avocado £1.55 each
bowl of fries £3.45
2 eggs on buttered toast fried / poached / scrambled £4.95
breakfast roll free range egg, smoked back bacon and a cumberland sausage £5.30
hot buttered toast and jam or marmalade or marmite £2.85
Heinz baked beans on buttered toast £4.95
homemade* porridge with honey or golden syrup £4.55
homemade* porridge with banana & honey OR sultanas & cinnamon £5.20
homemade* porridge topped with fresh fruit £5.75
Dorset muesli (milk or natural bio yogurt) £4.55
fresh baked croissant with jam or marmalade £3.45
fresh fruit salad £5.75
granola with natural yoghurt, topped with fresh fruit and drizzled with honey £5.75


all our omelettes are made to order with 3 free range eggs and served with salad and fries. Egg white only, extra £1.20

Spanish omelette potato, onion and peppers £9.40
Italian omelette salami, sun dried tomato and pesto £9.40
plain omelette no filling £5.95
extra filling for omelettes cheese, salami, pesto, peppers, onion, bacon, chicken, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, ham, sun dried tomato, potato £1.20 each

Main courses

extra vegetables for £1.75

ham, eggs and chips thick sliced home cooked ham, 2 fried free range eggs and fries £8.85
homemade* 8oz angus beef hamburger served in an open bun with fries & salad (add cheese or bacon 90p each) £8.95
fish and chips traditional battered 10oz haddock fish with fries £9.75
bangers and mash Cumberland sausages and mash potato in a delicious home made red wine & onion gravy £7.95
crispy coated chicken escalope served with fries and salad £8.85
homemade* vegetable curry served with basmati rice £8.65
homemade* chicken curry served with basmati rice £9.25
homemade* beef and English ale stew served with fries and vegetables £9.25
homemade* chilli con carne with rice £7.95
8oz sirloin steak with our own creamy peppercorn sauce, served with vegetables and fries £12.25
special of the day ask our staff or see mirror above the counter see board